The Morcles Game

Luckily some of the morcles could escape the hands of the pillows. Every single one of them misses their sweet home Pilalli.

They collect Kotinkas which are some kind of purple berries. After eating them they miraculously run faster than ever. This helps them having lead over the pillows who want to catch and eat them.

@TheMorcles these are the cutest dudes ever!
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The morcles are quite shy, but cheery and high-spirited when they feel safe and they love to dance. Help them find their way home through dark Ascalonia, mountains of Grinesta, the mines of Nonna, the dark woods of Carbonia, the monster moors and the shambling gardens of Sebis.

Available Spring 2016

The Morcles will be available for iOS, Windows and Android.

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The Morcles
The Morcles

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